A Toddler Thing: One of the most sought after sustainable Baby Essentials Brands in India!

A Toddler Thing is a well-known homegrown brand run by young parents, striving to create a sustainable lifestyle for the parents and their little ones in India. We began in December 2017 with Cloth Diapers; the aim was to make the eco-friendly alternative to disposable diapers easily accessible to the moms in the south and eventually pan-India.

However, like most small businesses, our sights were set for higher goals. We wanted to help parents opt for sustainable living for their little ones, from the time of their birth.

With much research, experimenting with fabric and materials to create high quality and utility products, trying them out on our own bubs, we became a Sustainable Baby Essentials brand. Today, A Toddler Thing caters to the needs of little ones from the age of 0 (newborns) to the age of 2+. Of course, we couldn’t have got to where we did without the feedback, encouragement and most importantly, trust from the community of mommies we were lucky to build over the last 3 years.

This journey itself has been quite an experience but our toughest learning hit us in March 2020, as it did for most small businesses. The uncertainty about whether our business would take off again, to whether our customers would need us, the fear was real. Add to it, all the staff and tailors who depend on us for their sustenance. It was a nightmare, but we couldn’t let them down.

Team ATT couldn’t sit idle. We began ideating our new products and remembered that we weren’t just selling products, but experiences too. Our offerings also include engaging our community on social media and we amped it up a lot more! Eventually, it was our customers who saved us. Lucky for us, they helped us bounce back once the first wave eased down.

So, when the second wave hit us, the team was better prepared. While several uncertainties remained, we decided to get productive and use the time to concentrate on content development strategies. Which paid off, our engagement on Instagram has been great! After much deliberation, we also figured that our time would be best put to use by doing things we’d put off because we were busy, and ta-da! We started work with our new website and launched it too, quite recently.

Our resilience has been tested time and again and we’ve just learned to pick ourselves up and keep moving forward. Like most other small businesses, we’ve held on and we will continue to do so. Customers are our priority and we will continue to deliver the best of products and experiences, whatever this journey throws at us.

I have linked the website and their social media handle so that you can keep yourself updated on the latest offerings.

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